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Vosae is a powerful application to finally simplify your daily company management. You can now enjoy an entirely new experience to manage your invoicing, your calendars and your contacts.

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Don't waste time any more. Vosae is here. At last a management tool that understands your problems. Accessible wherever you are thanks to a simple internet connection. Available anywhere in the world and for all members of your company. Made by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

“Simply powerful“

Responsive web application


Our wish? To provide you with ease of use across all devices. The result: a simple interface, intuitive and with a refined design. Available everywhere in the world and by all members of your company.

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" We enjoy perfection "

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Vosae also signifies the desire to create a reliable and safe device for your business. Thanks to the security protocol SSL, all your data transmission on the internet is encrypted in a precise and professional way. No need to worry about your data either, it will be duplicated at several points of presence with irreproachable security.

“Do not worry, Vosae looks after everything“

We'd like to make it right


All the technology that we use is open source. For example we opted for HTML5, CSS3 and Emberjs on the front-end. On the back end we chose Python, Django, MongoDB, ElasticSearch. Cutting edge technology, deliberate and controlled choices for maximum efficiency and impact.

“ Because technology is at the heart of Vosae, we use the best. “


Vosae is also a service made by developers and therefore naturally a complete and documented API. And because we know that you want complete access to your data, you have complete access to the APIs. It's simple, we use the same ones.

“ We <3 developers “

Data liberation

Your data are yours. You entrust them to us, we take care of them but you have them at hand. You can retrieve them whenever you like. It's you that decides, with no restrictions or obligations.

The era of applications that keep you captive is over.

“ Work on freedom “